Process of modeling the wood of a craftsman

The modeling process of these works of art begins with a piece of wood or a root, when I have this original piece that can be seen as something lifeless, I begin to imagine what will be the best way to take advantage of it.

The pieces of wood can come from the trees that are found in the foothills and surroundings of the Teide National Park, the roots are often not used and used to heat bonfires, however, in my case they are a source of inspiration to make unique pieces with a lot of dedication, care and above all love for this noble art,

Sometimes I receive roots from windstorms or storms that knocked down trees, in other cases they come from wildland cleanups, people who know my trade help me find those pieces of wood that later become pieces of wood art.

Many times I receive root pieces like the one you see below

mounting on the lathe

Then it is mounted on the lathe where the manual part of the process begins, eliminating those parts that are left over, cleaning the earth or stones that may be embedded, – and depending on the size and shape of it – it begins to take shape well like a vessel. or vase or any other utensil that inspires the piece that is in the lathe .

The assembly process is vital, not only to be able to make the most of the wood that you have, but also to ensure that it is stably mounted and not dangerous in the molding process, there is always a risk that the piece of art will break while being molded on the lathe. A danger that increases if there is an error in the choice of support points.

In the process of assembling the piece on the lathe, I begin to visualize many times what this wood will become.

wood molding

When it is mounted on the lathe, the creative process continues, the use of various tools helps me to wear down the root zone that I want to eliminate, in some cases I find a grain in the wood that serves as a guide or an imperfection that I want to highlight. to make it unique.

The sandpaper, the rasp

The whole process fills with personal satisfaction where each one of them has inspiration and a touch that makes it unique and special, my work as an artisan is satisfactory


Subsequently, with much patience and care, the final touches are given until the piece is achieved, applying an anti-worm treatment after prudent drying so that the wood renders all its splendor and its maximum shine and is durable.

The finished piece will then be made available to customers at fairs or through this website for the enjoyment of locals and strangers,

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