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Canary oak root wood is a noble wood characterized by its natural grain with colors ranging from yellow to dark brown.

This wood is found in the highlands of the island of Tenerife, where the Canary Island oaks grow, endemic trees of great ecological and cultural value.

Canary oak root is extracted in a traditional and environmentally friendly way, and undergoes a drying and treatment process that guarantees its quality and durability.

Canary oak root is ideal for creating unique and original decorative or handicraft pieces, as each one has an exclusive design and a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch.

Canary oak root is a product that combines natural beauty, tradition and innovation, and can give a special and distinctive touch to any space or person.

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The root of the oak tree is a noble and durable material that has been used since ancient times to make furniture, utensils and decorative objects.

In the workshop of the creative wood turner José Luis Santos, unique and original pieces are made with this wood, taking advantage of its beauty and resistance.

The creative turner from the Canary Islands is a craftsman who combines tradition and innovation in his work, using techniques such as turning, carving, polishing and varnishing.

His works are a sample of the richness and diversity of Canarian nature, as well as his passion and talent for wood.

The root of the oak tree comes from the laurel forests that cover the highlands of the islands.

These forests are a unique ecosystem in the world, home to a great variety of plant and animal species.

The root of the oak tree is extracted with care and respect for the environment, selecting only the parts that do not affect the growth and health of the tree.

The process of elaboration of the oak tree root pieces is handmade and meticulous.

Creative wood turner José Luis Santos works wood with delicacy and precision, giving shape to his ideas and creating exclusive designs.

Each piece is different and has its own personality, reflecting the grain, knots and irregularities of the wood.

Oak tree root pieces are ideal for decorating any space with elegance and originality.

They can be used as vases, centerpieces, candle holders, candle holders, bowls or simply as art objects.

In addition, they are very resistant and durable, since the wood is treated with natural products that protect it and enhance its beauty.

The root of the oak tree is a unique and exclusive product that can only be found in the workshop of the creative turner José Luis Santos.

If you would like to purchase one of these pieces, you can contact him by phone or email.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a work of art made with exceptional wood.

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